Comments and Spam and Ads (Oh, My!)

As anyone who has run a website that allows comments knows, you get a ton of spam.  We use an automatic spam filter for and it fills up quickly.  Sometimes too quickly.  There are times when there are simply too many comments to read through diligently, so we just skim and delete them.  So far we are fairly confident that no one's actual comments have been deleted, and we haven't had any complaints, but we want to apologize if that is the case.  If your comment mysteriously gets deleted, or never shows up, please send an email to and we'll look into it as soon as possible. We are not trying to disappoint those of you that enjoy critiquing  ads for miracle male enhancement pills, we just aren't convinced that this is the appropriate forum.  Plus, it's all about confidence and technique, right?  Right...?

Carry on.

Curtis WeigelComment