Creating An Album Cover

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 1.06.44 PM

The songs for the EP are being mixed, and the rest of the album needs to be put together.  Number one on my list right now is getting the album cover figured out.

I’m not sure whether to choose something that, at least to me, represents the album as a whole, an image that evokes a particular emotion, or just something that looks really cool.

For the last album, Dissect The Recall, I happened to have a photograph that I was particularly fond of, and didn’t really second guess it.  This time, no such luck.  I have friends that specialize in various visual art forms, and will probably end up tapping them for help.  Does collaboration help one see the bigger picture and create a more dynamic piece of artwork, or just distort one’s vision.  I suppose it depends on how clear your vision was in the first place.  Like prescription eyeglasses.

Either way, I’m fairly certain the cover will be better than the above image.


May 15 – An Update

Look at me!

Look at me!

Did I mention we’re making a new album?  I realized the other day that I haven’t posted to the site in far too long.  Been working on a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, and just didn’t get around to the front.  To quote Winston Bishop, “Shame, shame, I know your name.”

So what’s new?  A list in no particular order:

  • Recording an EP
  • Creating a newsletter/email list
  • Merch design and orders
  • Website revamp
  • Training new retired racing Greyhound
  • Infinite other life responsibilities

Who has the time?  On top of that, I would like to start making regular blog posts to keep you fans updated and to keep the creative juices flowing, as they say.  What are these juices, and where are they flowing from?  Are they particularly viscous?  Are they produced by a mucous membrane?  I like to think so.

While this is more of a free-flow, rough news update, I am going to label it a blog post because starting is often the hardest part.

Until next time (sooner rather than later),


p.s. I apologize for the advertisement in the first post of the website.  T’will be fixed, relocated and/or deleted in the near future.  Learning on the fly.

Vaudeville Mews Pics (Sam’s Shots Part Two)

Sam (Ethan and Curtis’ brother) is quickly becoming our resident live photographer.  Here are a few of our favorite photos he took at our Vaudevillew Mews show in Des Moines this past January.

Dusted and Polishing

So, we dusted off.  We liked the shine so much we have decided to keep polishing.  Not exactly sure where that metaphor is headed, but we’d like to announce we’re heading into the studio in mid March to record an EP.  Three of these songs are in the demo teaser videos.  Yes, those videos that say coming 2014.  Gotta work on that follow through.

We’re hoping to have the recording process well documented for your enjoyment, so stay tuned to this website and our various social media accounts for updates, snippets, and silliness.

Dusting Off

We’ll be brushing the dust off at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines on January 31 with our old chums Lake of Fat Kids.  Stoopid and Underdog Story will be playing as well.  Doors at 5:00 p.m.  $5 cover.  You know the drill.  Come see if we’ve lost a step.