EP Demo Teaser 01

House of Bricks Pics

Ethan and I have a younger brother named Sam.  Sam recently got a nice camera for his birthday.  Sam used that camera to take some photos at our recent show at the House of Bricks in Des Moines.  Thanks, Sam.


House of Bricks – 3/29/14


Want to help?  You can print and hang flyers: Flyer 3-29-14


Bass Playa’?!

Three years in and it looks like we’ve found a bassist.  He’ll be learning and writing for the old songs before we start working on new ones.  Hopefully you can meet him late spring/early summer of this year.

Also, writing is more or less complete for the upcoming acoustic EP, we just need to figure out when we can record.  Snippets of new songs tend to get posted to our various social media accounts when we’re feeling extra proud of what we’re working on, so check Twitter, Vine or Facebook every once in a while for sneak peeks, either from Ethan, The Wire Frames, or myself.


The Wire Frames, Season 2

And we’re back.  Thank you for your patience.

We are excited to be back full Wire Frames mode, writing, recording, and booking shows.  Curtis has moved from St. Louis to Iowa City, and Ethan is in Ames attending Iowa State University.  The closer proximity will make it much easier to play shows, as well as actually play music in the same room, which is always helpful when attempting to play musician.  We fully endorse role-playing.

We will be brushing off the cobwebs on September 24, at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines with our good friends Lake of Fat Kids and What About Bruce?.  Check the Live page for full info.

There will also be a new jingly tune available in the next couple months.  ’Tis fully written and just needs to be properly recorded.  There are at least two hints in that paragraph as to a date/subject.  Winky emoticon.

We’re excited to be back, and hope your giblets are jiggling too.

The Wire Frames