FREE Download - Fun & Fabulous Soundtrack

In 2006 a couple friends and I made a short film for our high school's film festival.  We started 10 days before the submission date, so it ended up being mostly improv with a story line we made up along the way.  We decided to make it a silent film with an original score, and the music turned into our number one priority.  The film got into the festival because of the music and I'm still proud of it to this day. It's called Fun & Fabulous.  Enjoy.

I've been wanting to distribute the music and film for about four years but I've got too much new music to focus on now to do much with the Fun & Fabulous project, so I want to give away the soundtrack for free.  You can download it by clicking the link below or from our Music page.  Listen to it until you're sick of it (hopefully more than once) and share it with anyone that you think would enjoy it.

Fun & Fabulous Soundtrack - Click To Download [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]