Timeline & Notables

  • A Coffee Song (Redux) [single] released - November 2017
  • Echoes In Me [EP] released - January 2016
  • Jolly Old Saint Nicholas [single] released - November 2015
  • 80/35 Music Festival Play-In semi finalist - 2012
  • Featured / New & Notable Artist on - 2011
  • Dissect The Recall [LP] released - April 2011
  • Band formed - 2010


The Wire Frames is the brainchild of the local artist Curtis Weigel, the band’s songwriter, singer and guitarist. He has an incredible knack for big hooks, and he combines that catchiness with a very clever lyrical sensibility and strong guitar chops. “Dissect The Recall” captures the total pleasure of Curtis’ style with one great song after another. You’ll be singing along to these songs after your first listen, they just pop like that.

”A Coffee Song” is a good representation of the kind of fun vibes and spot-on lyrics The Wire Frames is capable of. It’s a love song to a buzz, and the high-energy feeling of the song suggests it was indeed written under the influence of caffeine.

The album’s closing track, “Over It,” is a fan-favorite sort of tune with an anthemic sing-along chorus and a load of attitude. The song structures and the acoustically driven arrangements of the record definitely come from indie rock, but “Over It” has a bit punk rock feel to it too; it’s the song that makes you hold an invisible microphone up to your mouth as you sing along in your car.

The overall tunefulness of the album is enhanced by the great production from Dennis Haislip at Alexander Recording Kompany. Every single sound on this record is perfectly in place so the tones shine as brightly as the tunes. The rock-solid Des Moines-based musician Andy Anderson contributes drums and bass on some of the tracks. Catch The Wire Frames live, too; it’s a great show. The internal energy of the songs really comes through in performance.
— Nate Logsdon, The Ames Tribune

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