Listen To Dissect The Recall Before You Can Buy It!

Gather 'round, ye of impeccable taste! All appreciators of fine tunes lend me your ear and I promise you shall not be let down!

I present you with Dissect The Recall, our debut album. Three parts love and two parts necessity, this collection of songs has been carved straight from the purest parts of my soul and crafted, broken down, and re-built over the last few years. They were then polished to a fine luster in the studio over the past nine months and now I am very proud to present you with The Wire Frames' first ten and a half professionally recorded tracks.

I hope at least one of 'em doesn't make you immediately skip to the next.

-Curtis Weigel

Dissect The Recall

Dissect The Recall will be released on April 1, 2011.