A Few Words About Purchasing "Dissect The Recall"

It's been a month since the album was officially released, and we thank every one of you that have bought a copy.  Ethan will give you all kisses.  For those of you who are just discovering the band and want to get your hands on these delightful sonic arrangements, you have options!


Ol' reliable.  We're proud to have our music in the most innovative and widely used digital music store.  However, playing with the big boys and girls comes with a cost.  Not a large one, but a cost nonetheless.  The good people at Apple keep $0.34 for every $0.99 sold.  We got on iTunes through digital distribution with CD Baby, who takes an additional 9% of income payed to them from digital retailers.  That means we get about $0.51 for every song sold on iTunes.  Not too shabby considering the convenience and ease of use for our fans.  Plus you can use up your old gift cards!

The Wire Frames on iTunes

CD Baby

As mentioned above, we use CD Baby for our digital distribution, as well as physical CD sales.  CD Baby is a great company helping independent artists get their music to the world since 1997.  It's a company run by musician for musicians.  How can you go wrong?  They keep 25% of downloads directly from their site and $4 per physical CD.  Again, a small price to pay for all that CD Baby offers.  You can read more about CD Baby here: CDBaby.com/about.

And check out our music on CD Baby here: The Wire Frames on CDBaby.com


DigStation is a another digital music store for independent artists, but the catch is that the artists keep 100% of their sales!  Simple as that.  We got on DigStation through Disc Makers, the company that pressed our CDs.  We know it's not as convenient as iTunes, but if you're looking for the best way to support the band, this is the option for you.  It's not that we're greedy, we just want to keep doing this for a long time.  If you purchase from this site, Ethan will make it a tongue-kiss.

The Wire Frames on DigStation


Dissect The Recall is also available for sale, or will be shortly, on these sites:

Amazon mp3







Thanks again!  We couldn't ask for better fans!

-Curtis Weigel