Ames Tribune Review of D.T.R.

Dissect The Recall got a nice review from Nate Logsdon in the Ames Tribune.  Nate is kind of a kingpin of the Ames music scene, so it makes the review that much more exciting.  Here's a little snippet:

[Curtis] has an incredible knack for big hooks, and he combines that catchiness with a very clever lyrical sensibility and strong guitar chops. “Dissect the Recall” captures the total pleasure of Curtis’ style with one great song after another. You’ll be singing along to these songs after your first listen, they just pop like that.


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And after that, check out his band, Mumford's.

Thanks Nate!

[UPDATE: Apparently the Ames Tribune redesigned their website and the article is no longer available.  I will retype it in a new post, although I'm not sure how legal that is. - C.W.]