Autumn Is Upon Us

Brr.  It's getting cold out there.  Has anyone seen my mitten clips? I've been pretty busy lately writing new songs and recording demos.  Ethan and I have been sending recordings back and forth, which is definitely a strange new songwriting process, but it's working.  The new stuff is all over the place, and might have to be separated into two albums, one being a more straightforward Wire Frames album that would make sense as a follow up to Dissect The Recall, and the other a sillier, stranger concept album.  We'll see.

For those of you of legal drinking age in the Des Moines area, we will be playing The Fremont with the Chicago band Hemmingbirds and Love Songs for Lonely Monsters.  The show is Thursday, November 8, and is free.  It is unfortunately a 21+ show, but we promise to play an all ages Central Iowa show soon.  Full info on the tour page.

That's all I can think of for now.  Here's a picture from warmer times.


Curtis at Plush in St. Louis

Curtis at Plush in St. Louis