Whatever Happened To Those Wire Frames?

Hello there, Have you found yourself wondering where that little Iowa band you loved so dearly has gone?  Maybe you've tried to move on, but you still have these feelings, a certain longing that won't go away.  You miss them.

Well, there's good new and there's bad news.  The good news is we're still a band and we have a ton of new material in various stages of completion, all awaiting your longing ears.  The bad news is that it is currently very difficult to book shows because Curtis doesn't know which state he will be living in in the next few months.

Usually venues book shows a few months in advance, and because of Curtis' circumstances we can't book shows in good faith that we will be able to play them, and we want to avoid canceling if at all possible.  This will hopefully be resolved by the end of the summer.  We'll keep you updated on new shows and music as soon as we have more information on dates.

Thank you for your patience,

The Wire Frames