Burst & Taper Lyrics

I couldn't find a good place on the website to feature lyrics, so for now I'll post them as blog posts. Gotta get them web hits!

Burst & Taper
cut me out from underneath; just one less reason to believe in hope
confidently tragic in this self-pity; I've dug another hole
washed out, overexposed, lost in white noise, and about to come undone
I was just the answer to a long, long list of riddles and rum

but every now and then I hear the call
echo in me saying, "don't let go."

change my name, erase my face, and run away to somewhere warm and new
drop pretenses, convince of impending change, but null upon review
shouting out to deaf ears pointless declarations shot into the void
momentary insight left me once again another silly boy

but every now and then I feel the pull
tugging at me saying, "come back home."

there's still time