Creating An Album Cover

The Wire Frames “Paper” app sketch

The songs for the EP are being mixed, and the rest of the album needs to be put together.  Number one on my list right now is getting the album cover figured out.

I'm not sure whether to choose something that, at least to me, represents the album as a whole, an image that evokes a particular emotion, or just something that looks really cool.

For the last album, Dissect The Recall, I happened to have a photograph that I was particularly fond of, and didn't really second guess it.  This time, no such luck.  I have friends that specialize in various visual art forms, and will probably end up tapping them for help.  Does collaboration help one see the bigger picture and create a more dynamic piece of artwork, or just distort one's vision.  I suppose it depends on how clear your vision was in the first place.  Like prescription eyeglasses.

Either way, I'm fairly certain the cover will be better than the above image.