As we near the end of this maddening election season, I got to thinking about an old song I wrote, mainly because of the lyric "a woman finally leads." Not that I believe Mrs. Clinton is America's savior by any means, but my memory was triggered none the less.

The song, simply titled "Now," was written about a decade ago, when I was still in high school. At the time we were solidly in the second Dubbya term, at war(s), and I was a hopeful teenager yet to take up arms against the daily battle with cynicism. As such, the lyrics are inspired by visions of a better future, a potential utopia of sorts, and the belief that there is no time like the present. (And mind you this was before the Obama "Hope" campaign. They were certainly keyed into that zeitgeist.)

I still like the song, particularly the line "the sun expanded to Mars and all you saw was me." In hindsight it sounds a bit narcissistic, but the image I had was of two people in love looking into each other's eyes as the world ends, knowing what was really important all along.

So, when you go to vote next week, or as you do what you can to shape our future, try not to be cynical. Easier said than done, I know, but do your best to imagine a society where we pick each other up, and where love and understanding and goodwill are above all else, and then try to believe we can get there.


A rabbit beats a wolf
A boy learns to sing
A man learns the truth
And a woman finally leads
A girl kisses a boy
And he can hardly breathe
Billy turned off the T.V.
And remembers how to read

"Now," is all she said.

You look up at the clock
And it's five past three
We diffused the bombs
And now we're finally free
We made it past the gunfire alive
Only to sit in your tree
The sun expanded to Mars
And all you saw was me

"Now," is all she said.