New Tees

We finally made some high quality t-shirts. As you may know, we offered iron-on shirts for quite a while, but they wore out pretty quickly and were very labor intensive. These new shirts are printed on black heather Bella + Canvas brand shirts using discharge ink. What does that mean?  Good question. I'm not sure exactly, but it's a way to make the printing on the shirts super soft. You can read about it on the Bella + Canvas blog if you're interested.

These babies are soft, sleek, and dare we say, sexy. And best of all, you can buy them directly from our website. Put one on your body.

The Wire Frames Logo T-Shirt
15.00 20.00

The Wire Frames logo on Bella + Canvas black heather shirts. These babies are soft, sleek, and, dare we say, sexy. Put one on your body.

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