Bandcamp Subscription Service

We are excited to announce the launch of our subscription service through Bandcamp! Exclamation points galore!

Who: Us, your second favorite indie band from central Iowa (probably), The Wire Frames.

What: A subscription service for you die-hard fans that want to help support us in an ongoing way. You will be the first to hear new material, and get exclusive access to The Wire Frames goodies including demos and live recordings, insights into our songwriting process, and more. Also, 20% off all merch sold through Bandcamp.

When: Now!

Where: The internet. Specifically,

Why: To help support us in a sustainable way. The idea is to provide us with a more steady income that we can funnel directly into recording new material. It will also be a community for our fans to come together in one place.

How: Subscribe for $3 per month. Or more, Richie Rich.