New Single - A Coffee Song (Redux)

I'm excited to announce that we will be releasing our new single, A Coffee Song (Redux), this coming Friday, November 24. It reminds me of the music I listened to growing up: blink-182, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, etc. The type of music that I mimicked when learning guitar, and that was so influential on my songwriting style. Those of you that have seen us live will recognize this version of The Wire Frames more than on the previous albums - loud, fast, and sometimes a little annoying.

I'm also excited to announce our collaboration with Morning Bell Coffee Roasters in Ames. Morning Bell owner Nadav Mer helped Ethan and I craft our own coffee blend, aptly titled A Coffee Song Blend. Its a combination of their Espresso and Brazil roasts, creating a nice balance between the smoky, dark espresso, and the medium-bodied Brazil. The blend will be available at their store and through their website, as well as at our upcoming shows in Ames. The first of those is an acoustic set in-store on Saturday, November 25, at 3:00. Full show details in the shows section. Each bag of coffee will come with a download code for the new song, too.

A Coffee Song (Redux) is already available to our Bandcamp subscribers, as well as a bunch of otherwise unreleased stuff. That's just $3 per month, so you might want to look into that.

Cheers. Drink up. See you soon.


A Coffee Song (Redux) Album Art